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The charity now has a website with similar information to below and which also has an online contact form - http://weybridgecharity.org.uk/

Note the charity was previously called the Weybridge Land Charity


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Financial Assistance

The main object of the Weybridge Charity, which is the largest of its kind in Weybridge and dates from 1811, is to help Weybridge residents who are in financial need. It gives two types of grants – Christmas grants and Emergency Aid.

Christmas Grants
Application forms for these grants are available from the Weybridge Day Centre and Public Library every September and October. Completed forms need to be sent to the Charity before the end of October. Grant payments are made by cheque in December.

Emergency Aid
This scheme provides funds for people facing an emergency situation who are recommended to the Charity by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) or other approved agencies. Funds are available throughout the year to buy food, clothing, household appliances or furniture etc. Emergency aid does not extend to credit-card or other debt relief however, and all applications have to be recommended in writing by an adviser of the CAB or the applicant’s health visitor etc. (who will then forward those requests to the Charity) as direct requests by applicants are not considered.  



The Charity also owns over 200 allotment plots at Churchfields, Weybridge. Weybridge Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association let these plots and collect the rents for the Charity under an agency agreement - so anyone interested should apply in person to their allotment shop at the end of Curzon Road on any Saturday or Sunday from 10a.m.-12 noon.

Responsibilities of Managing Trustees

The object of the Charity is to help persons resident in Weybridge, Surrey, who are in need, hardship or distress. After defraying administration and management expenses, the Charity’s income must be applied to giving  grants of money or by providing or paying for goods, services or facilities either directly or via other agencies.

Origin of the Weybridge Charity

The Charity and its land holdings were originally prescribed by an Inclosure Award dated 19 August 1811, made in pursuance of the Byfleet and Weybridge Inclosure Act, 40 George lll. In 1910 the Charity’s land holdings were exchanged with land in the ownership of the former Urban District Council of Weybridge. After disposal of approximately 0.5 of an acre of its allotment land at Pine Grove, the land retained by the Charity and vested with the Official Custodian for Charities comprises 9.385 acres (approximately) of allotment land known as Churchfields, Weybridge, Surrey.

The sale, for housing development, of the 0.5 acres of land at Pine Grove in 1999 raised £1.187m and the management and administration of the Charity was then made independent of the Elmbridge Borough Council although it retained the right to appoint six of the Charity’s nine Trustees. The net sale proceeds of the Pine Grove allotments were invested and the annual income from these and other investments are used to make grants to residents of Weybridge who are in need, hardship or distress. Rents from tenants at Churchfields help towards some of the maintenance cost of that site.

Under the terms of an Agency Agreement with the Trustees, the Weybridge Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association let the individual allotment plots and collect the rents due on behalf of the Charity. The Association also assists in the general maintenance and supervision of Churchfields in consideration of being allowed to have an allotment shop on the site for the benefit of their members.

In July 2000, the Charity Commissioners sanctioned an amendment in the working name of the Charity (from the ‘Weybridge Poor’s Land Charity’) to the ‘Weybridge Land Charity’ and it approved a new Scheme, which allowed the Charity to extend its area of benefit (from the former Weybridge Parish area) to the whole of Weybridge. In 2004 the Charity was given specific powers to raise funds and in 2005 it was granted power to delegate some functions to its Grants Committee.

Governing document

The Charity is administered in accordance with the Charity Commissioners Scheme of 7 June 1910 as varied by the Schemes of the Commissioners of 25 September 1992, 27 July 1999 and 12 June 2000.

Nine Trustees manage the affairs of the Charity. Six of these Trustees are appointed by Elmbridge Borough Council directly and three are co-opted by the Trustees themselves.

Contact details (except for allotment lettings):

Howard Turner CPFA
Treasurer and Clerk to the Weybridge Charity
Weybridge Charity
PO Box 730
GU23 7LL
Email: treasurer@weybridgecharity.org.uk

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