Walk to Brooklands

Pedestrian and cycle path from Weybridge Station to Brooklands

Since 2010 a path joins the public footpaths from Weybridge Station to those in Brooklands – giving off-road access to Mercedes Benz World and Brooklands Museum and reducing the time taken by foot and bike.

From the station southern car park follow the path along the railway which leads into Lonsdale Road. If walking, cross over the end of Locke King Road and go down Railton Close. If cycling, go right, over the railway bridge and then immediately left down the track. Both ways lead to a bridge over the River Wey. Shortly after this the path turns left under Seven Arches railway bridge and continues until it meets the road behind Mercedes Benz World and near to the entrance of Brooklands Museum.

Continuing past the museum entrance leads to the footpath down to Brooklands Community Park.

Please note: If you want to enter the Museum via the Campbell Gate then do not use the footpath instead just walk along Brooklands Road.



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