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The Weybridge Society Transport Panel

The Weybridge Society Transport Panel was established by local residents in 2006; in response to many concerns relating to transport. We know there is a multiplicity of transport problems, both general and local.

Surrey County Council has the principal responsibility for roads, pavements and paths. There are no dedicated cycle routes in the area and many footpaths are inadequate; particularly major routes to/from schools. The current Weybridge road system is old. It is unsuitable for the volumes and speeds of present day traffic. A particular example is the B374 (which consists of Brooklands Road and Heath Road). It’s a narrow north-south road, which suffers from high traffic volumes; including articulated HGV traffic originating at the industrial estate. Excessive dangerous speeds seem to be the norm. Increased housing will also drive up local traffic - unless we increase cycle and public transport provisions. Through traffic is growing too and without getting the local authorities' attention and support transport will only get worse in Weybridge

We have several priority items on our agenda such as:-

1. Making the town safer - especially for schoolchildren, walkers and cyclists - through design change and speed control,

2. Reduce heavy freight traffic through Weybridge, by working with freight companies,

3. Ensure planners take road safety into consideration when developer’s applications are considered,

4. Persuade Elmbridge BC to provide cycle routes in the borough.

5. Improve public transport by adding sensible bus routes.

County Councillors, Elmbridge BC and Surrey County Council have been reluctant to change in the past. We intend to keep a focus on resident’s priorities. We all pay for these services through rates and taxes. We should have a voice in what is being done with our money, and how our councils behave.


We would like to know your opinion?

Would you like to comment on the traffic situation?

Would you be interested in answering a survey on road safety?

Would you be wiling to help us?

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In early 2010 the Panel produced a transport strategy for Weybridge which was presented at the Society's AGM on 19th April 2010. To see all the details of the strategy click here .



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