Thames Gate-Wey

The Thames Gate-Wey project is a Weybridge Society promoted environmental improvement scheme.

Weybridge is sited at the confluence of the River Thames and the River Wey, and the waterspace is a very well used recreational area, with 2 rowing clubs, a canoe club, a sailing club, and motor boat club (see links here). It also provides moorings for visiting boaters. On the landward side there is the Thames long-distance footpath; the Sustrans cross-country cyclepath; and there is a ferry across to Shepperton.

It was felt for some time that the riverside was not realising its full potential. There are substandard facilities for some of the recreational users, and a poor welcome for visiting boaters. To encourage the riverbank owners, who are mostly public bodies, into improving matters the Society drew up an environmental scheme which has achieved some success to date.

The carpark along Walton Lane and its open space has been improved by Elmbridge Borough Council with views opened up to the river and a nice picnic area created.

The improvement of the towpath and boat moorings by the Environment Agency took place in 2010.

The final part is to improve the Thames Street carpark which is rather an eyesore and is now referred to as Weybridge Point. We have been active in persuading Elmbridge BC to renovate it since this is the key site in the whole riverside area.

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