Committee & Contacts

The committee is elected each year at the annual general meeting. The names and functions are given below together with some other Society contacts:

Name Responsibility To contact
 Dave Arnold

 Chairman & Chair Transport Panel

 click to email

 Richard Marshall  Vice Chair Main Committee & Footpaths  click to email

 John Hanafin


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 Trevor Lewis
 Membership  click to email
 Anne Lindsay  Newsletter Distribution  click to email
 Barry Judd  Liaison with local groups  click to email
 Trevor Tarring  Minutes  click to email
 Lesia Scholey Newsletter  click to email
 Steve McCarthy  Web editor  click to email
Other contacts    
 Stephen Beaumont  Education  click to email
 Raymond Spary  Joint Chair Planning Panel, Weybridge Riverside  click to email
 Tim Williams  Joint Chair Planning Panel, Oatlands  click to email
 Peter White  Joint Chair Planning Panel, St Georges  click to email

If you would like to email any of the Committee please use the email links given above - just click on them to open up an email.

Members can also use the Committee telephone numbers which are given in the Newsletters.

If you have a general enquiry please go to the Contact Us page.

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