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Transport Plan 1967

Back in 1967 the Weybridge Residents Association, the forerunner of Weybridge Society, produced a remarkable transport plan, which envisaged a bypass running through the town.

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Transport Strategy 2010

In 2010 the Society produced  a Transport Strategy for Weybridge. The strategy was based around the following vision.

To maintain and improve our town we in Weybridge deserve a good vision and strategy – a clear and robust statement of how we want our town to look and feel in 20 years. Lack of vision will an lead us on an uncertain path
We propose that Elmbridge, Surrey and partners should create, support and deliver transport strategies and policies that provide, not only an adequate, but an excellent, transport infrastructure, addressing important issues such as:
• Road safety - especially by reducing speeds, providing safe routes to schools / colleges and removing large HGV’s from our local roads
• Reduce emissions - by making cycling, walking and public transport more attractive
• Improve parking - reduce the impact of parking on residents through a town-wide parking strategy
• Improve transport mode integration - especially at our most important transport hub - Weybridge Station

To read the overall strategy document click here

To view the summary presentation of the strategy made at the 2010 AGM click here

To view the speed reduction presentation click here

To view the cycle strategy presentation click here

To view the parking presentation click here

To view the station presentation click here


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