Overview & Objectives

Weybridge Society is an amenity society and registered charity with membership open to everyone who lives in Weybridge. It has no political affiliations and does not put up candidates for election to the Borough or County Councils. For over 60 years, Weybridge Society has been active in the local community.

The society has six clear objectives:

  • To represent and watch over the interests of Weybridge residents
  • To safeguard and enhance Weybridge public amenities and other amenities which the society considers worth enhancing and safeguarding in the interests of Weybridge
  • To promote knowledge of and interest in Weybridge affairs
  • To co-operate with other local organisations in matters of common interest
  • To give effect to the views of the society upon Weybridge affairs, to brief councillors, county councilors, regional representatives and members of the national and European parliaments with these views and to represent them to the district government and other public bodies
  • To be independent of all political parties

The Society is run by a Committee which is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Society has a Constitution and Rules and publishes its Accounts annually.

Much of the Society's work concerns helping to improve and protect the town's environment and local facilities for the benefit of everyone. A fuller overview of the work of the Society is given under the Activities pages.

The Society has a number of Panels which work in specific areas of local interest covering:

The Society also organises talks on subjects of interest to local residents both on current and historical topics, see Events.

The Society publishes a quarterly newsletter - further details are available here.  Copies of the newsletters can be seen in the News section.

If you want to see an overview of how the Society operates see here .

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